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What Are Bonuses?

What Are Bonuses?


bonuses are extra money that an employee receives on top of their normal salary. They are typically given to employees who perform well or lead a team. The amount of bonus an employee receives can vary from company to company. Some bonuses are guaranteed, while others are discretionary.

Before accepting a job with a bonus, you should carefully review the contract. You need to make sure the bonus structure will work for you and your company. If the terms of the contract are vague, you may not be able to get a bonus. Alternatively, you can negotiate the contract to ensure that the bonuses are fair and you are rewarded appropriately.

There are many reasons for a company to offer bonuses. One is to attract new employees, and another is to keep current employees. Companies will also want to offer bonuses to retain talented workers. During a large restructuring or merger, for example, a company will likely give retention bonuses.

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Bonuses can be paid on a regular basis or only at the end of the year. These bonuses act as incentives to motivate employees to perform better. Generally, bonuses are given for certain achievements such as completing a project or completing a big project. In addition to the dollar amount, you can also be given non-cash bonuses for a certain achievement.

Often, bonuses are given to high-performing employees, but they can be distributed across the board to quell employee backlash. Depending on the company’s health and its profits, the percentage of bonuses can be as high as 15 percent of the payroll.

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