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A Pasma training class could be an essential part of your job involving portable access towers in the summer of 2021, but it’s more than just an educational qualification. Portable Access Systems is an inherently dangerous piece of engineering to use, and even the most seasoned safety engineers can get stuck at the worst possible moment whilst working with them. If you want to avoid injury whilst on a tower ladder then you need to know what you’re doing and be able to react calmly and quickly. You also need to have a lot of confidence in your own abilities to get up a tower ladder safely and then bring it down again, in the event that the structure of your tower is no longer safe to work on.


A Pasma training course will teach you all of the skills you will need to work on mobile access towers. You will learn about lifting techniques, including how to climb ladders securely and safely without causing bodily harm or risk to other people. You will also be provided with a valid Pasma mobile access tower photo identification card (PAD) upon signing up. This will prove to your employers and landlords that you have completed a full training programme and are now fit to work on mobile access towers. You will also learn from the experts about the right way to stand on a pasma ladder and manoeuvre it safely, so that you don’t fall off when carrying out this routine task. Safety is paramount when you’re working on mobile access towers, which is why you’ll be required to undertake a comprehensive Pasma training course before beginning work on a tower ladder in the UK.

When you sign up to a Pasma training course in the UK, you will find yourself being provided with an in-depth study guide. This will cover everything you need to know about working on a mobile tower, from lifting equipment and pasma tools to safety procedures and the best way to install prefabricated beams. You will also be given detailed instructions and explanations for any questions you might have regarding your work experience and qualifications. You will also be provided with posters and brochures to hand out to all of your work colleagues and friends and family, so that you can share your experiences and learn from others. Once you complete your in-depth study guide, you will be ready to sign up to your mobile tower crew and get to work!

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