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Month: September 2021

Why Medicare Advantage Plans Are Bad

You see it all the time on TV, ” seniors getting Medicare Advantage Plans.” The fact is that they really are not bad at all. In fact, if you have good health insurance coverage you may even be better off with a Medicare Advantage plan. More than 34 percent of Medicare recipients are currently enrolled in Medicare Advantage (MA), so they are probably all good. Read More –

Why Medicare Advantage Plans Are Bad For Your Health

The real question then becomes why Medicare Advantage plans are bad. The main reason is that Medicare does not cover everything. If a beneficiary needs help with his or her Medicare medication but does not have enough money to get that help, then that person will not be able to take advantage of the coverage.

For that reason, the best way for someone with good health care to get Medicare Advantage or a Medicare Part D discount is by signing up in a network that participates in Medicare Part D. Even if a person’s medications are covered by other programs, Medicare Part D plans often have restrictions on the medications that one can take. For example, a prescription for an over-the-counter painkiller could end up costing twice as much because it is not covered under the plan. A person who only takes prescription medications could end up paying almost ten times as much as a person with a Medicare Advantage plan. As you can see, there are some good reasons why Medicare Advantage plans are bad, but there are also some bad reasons why Medicare Part D plans are better than their counterparts.

Special Topics in Photography Courses

Once the students explore a specific topic, they should then attempt to research it online. One way to do this is to use a search engine to find out more what type of images are being auctioned off on eBay, and to learn more about each item. Another way to research an item is to ask the people who may have recently purchased the item, or may be able to give the information that the seller is seeking. The internet provides an endless source of interesting information that will help any individual, regardless of his/her specialty in photography, to become a successful auctioneer. So if you are a creative person and enjoy creating personal images, and the ability to sell them, consider pursuing an associate degree in photography at your local university.

Special Topics In Photography Courses Shortcuts – The Easy Way

Arts Photography


First, the student needs to choose one of the many associate professors of photography at the local University that teaches a basic course in digital photography. Once the students explore digital photography through this basic course, they should then decide which special topics in photography they would like to pursue. Often, students will select between portraits, and landscapes, between color film and digital, etc. In order to select a special topic, the student should consult with the associate professor to learn about the various types of photography, and explore what type of photography interests him or her. The assistant professor may even suggest that a student take a class based on a theme, such as “Portrait Photography.”

There are many reasons that people look to Arts Photography classes. Many times students explore subjects that interest them, whether they be nature photography or abstract art photography. Often, students explore special topics of photography to get a higher grade, or simply to have something unique to put on their portfolio. One of the main reasons that students explore this subject is to create a personal portfolio that can be sold to an art buyer, or shown in school to potential employers. So how do you learn about the subject, and what types of photos would be interesting to display in an Arts Photography class?